Welcome to the official Site of Paranormal Endeavors. Paranormal Endeavors is an entity that researches and specializes in the supernatural. Most people think "ghost" automatically, however, the paranormal and supernatural includes more than just ghosts; U.F.O., spontaneous combustion, levitation, possession, and many more can be included under this title. Paranormal Endeavors is specialized in spirits, human/inhuman hauntings, more commonly known as "ghosts," but is open to claims and reports under a much more diverse blanket.
   Paranormal Endeavors was officially launched on March 20, 2010 by creator and spirit sensitive, Eric Kline. In Eric's words: "Most people are familiar with "Ghost Hunters" and those other groups that have laid a foundation for paranormal research. Now, we can branch off and think of new and unique ways of doing the research."
   Eric has been a part of three Iowa-based teams since 2006. Each team has had their own way of doing what they do, but not exactly the way Eric imagined. "In a field of research like this, you can't say one is doing it a wrong or right way, but I just felt some of their methods were too limiting. Keep in mind, I never wanted to be in charge of a team, but I thought to myself, you can't fully depend on someone else, only yourself. Thus, Endeavors was born."
Paranormal Endeavors Mission Statement

   There are too many groups out there that arrive at a location to try and experience a "ghost" and then pack up and leave. Some groups even fail to get back to the client with the findings! Some groups don't even provide actual assistance, they may not know how.
     Endeavors provides more than just the usual investigation. At the client's request, we can provide spiritual or scientific investigation, or a mixture of both. If a client wants to know who it is or what they want, Paranormal Endeavors utilizes its spirit sensitives to gather this information and provide what it is that is obtained at that period in time. *There is always room for error, any psychic that states they guarantee something to be right, should be careful, and clients should be cautious of these individuals. All we can offer is what we get at the time of visit; the client can pick to ignore or believe the information provided.*
     In Eric's words- "I am a believer in the power of angels and positive energy. I have practiced Reiki and meditation before. If there is negative energy in a location that the client wants gone, we will do everything we can to move that spirit out or cross it over." *Cleansings of locations can offer a chance to clean the area of unwanted activity, but we can't issue a 100% promise of removal. We offer a good chance of improvement to the location, even better if the cleansing is followed by a full investigation it seems from our research.
     Endeavors provides broad services beyond the investigative and it is taken very seriously. Despite what other teams or people may do or believe,  as others do what they do in this field, Endeavors does what it does. "We are here to provide a service to the client, not bend to serve the beliefs of how others think we should operate." -Eric We are a non-profit team, donations are welcome, but we don't charge. When we investigate, we look for signs and 'symptoms' that match closely to a case profile we have. With years of experience, we have noticed trends and have organized these into case profiles.
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Updated 11/26/2015
        Paranormal Endeavors Chapter 1______

Production started in June of 2010 at a private residence which was case #001 in Indiana.
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