The Crew of Endeavors
Eric- Team Lead and a Spirit Sensitive- Eric has been officially investigating with teams since 2006 but has researched out of a team since about 2004. He also uses some of his spiritual gifts investigating as he is a spiritual sensitive. He has practiced channeling, Reiki, and the impressive "Human Dowsing Rod" amongst others. He grew up knowing there was something different about himself. Creator of Endeavors platform.
Kim- Case Manager and sensitive- Kim has had experiences that she couldn't explain and was a client of Endeavors, introduced in Case #005 of the documentaries, and her experiences have driven her to seek answers. Her desire to learn has also propelled her interest in history and background. Being a full-time mother, she can relate to clients having activity mixed with children, she has been our solo case manager from fall 2011 to fall 2013 when we seeked assistance with this position, being a very important one in our admin- Joined March 2011.
Alex- Formerly joined at the beginning as a field researcher. Alex recently decided to step behind the camera to work production which is another interest of his. Since the beginning his decision to remain a field researcher has been back and forth for personal reasons..but continues to help as production assistant. -Joined March 2010
Jackie- A field researcher who has always had questions about the unknown and paranormal. Endeavors is her first group that she has researched with. She isn't startled easily and if activity happens, it fuels her interests. - Joined June 2011
Jacqui- Researcher- Jacqui and Eric worked together for several years, including on projects such as "The Morse Mill Project" and formerly the "Seekers of the Paranormal" series. Jacqui was a very gifted individual who also used a spiritual side to research as she was a psychic as well. Jacqui stepped down from being a field researcher with us and transitioned into a consultant to the group since she had too many other life endeavors to focus on..we are in mourning as we recently lost Jacqui as she passed away June 13, 2014 and transitioned into the next phase. We will miss her greatly but understand she was ready to go and would want us to continue to help as much as we can.- Joined March 2010, transitioned to independent consultant August 2010 - June 2014, transitioned into the next life phase June 2014.
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Paranormal Endeavors seeks open-minded researchers, however we are currently not recruiting anyone on our home team. If you want to work along side our team we are open to possibility of having official sister teams or if interested in helping out on production for our us for more information email:
Kerri- Field Researcher who joined in the last recruitment session in August, 2012. Kerri has had a lifetime interest in the unknown and supernatural. She originally met Eric within another team back in 2006. Some issues in that other team lead to a departure, however her interest remained intact. Joined in July of 2012.
Production Assistants
Kelly- A psychic/sensitive joined our team in Spring 2013. She met Eric at a metaphysical event and kept in contact after that. She does her own readings for clients on the side and has provided us another spiritual point of view amongst our force of several sensitives on our team. Joined in Spring of 2013.
Rafael- A newer field researcher who joined us Fall of 2013. He encountered us at a paranormal public event and felt a connection right away. We happened to be recruiting and invited in for training and observation before having him sign on officially. He is also bilingual and has medical background. Joined in October of 2013
Mary- with Case Manager Kim Meyer needing some assistance with her duties, we took on Mary to help with the Case Management duties. She is driven to help people which fits our mission statement well. She took on an important role and has been learning our process. Joined February 2014.
Jeff - Joined in Spring of 2015, you may remember him as he tagged along on a case in Chapter 3 but it wasn't the best time to commit yet. The time improved and he joined on for the long haul in Chapter 4. He provides a nice scientific balance as he explores events from multiple angles trying to bring logic to an event.
Tori - Joined in Spring of 2015. Tori has had a passion for supernatural things and has been an experienced user of the Ouija Board and brings that knowledge to our cases that may have had Ouija history. We welcome Tori to the team.