The Documentaries
Available! The Documentary Series  Chapter 1 has 8 documentaries. (release date Summer 2012)
Total Run time: 450 minutes, not including about half hour special featurette. For order information
please email us on Facebook: Para Endeavors or Price *NOW*  $20 general, $15 for clients of Chapter 1.

Available! Chapter 2 consists of 10 new cases, total run time near 575 minutes, not including half hour of extras. Price $25 for public, $20 for Clients. (Original Release Date Spring 2013)

Available! Chapter 3 consists of 9 new cases, run time around 9 hours not including bloopers and a roundtable discussion in the extra features. Price $25 general $20 for clients. (Original Release Date Fall 2014)

The idea for a group that focuses on the scientific and spiritual side of investigating claims of paranormal has been on the minds of some of the researchers involved with Endeavors, especially Eric.
Endeavors is a research team that also has a non-fiction series that is done in 50-60 minute, individual documentaries that make one, big documentary if they were all placed end to end. Endeavors circulated as an idea from February 2010 to March 2010 and then became reality in late March of 2010 and launched the first shooting of the documentary in June 2010 in Springville, Indiana. It is to be made clear that while this team takes the multi-form approach to research, at the client's request, a 100% science-based or 100% Spiritual-based research method can be executed; or a mixture of both.

In Alex's Words: "I think she (Jacqui) is a really interesting person and he's told me a lot about her ever since I've known him. So it was really cool to finally meet her. She seems like a very gifted person and so is Eric and I think that is something that is the most interesting thing about this particular group that Eric is putting together. He has a group of sensitive and gifted people and another group of just sole investigators. I think it is a really good dynamic for this group and I think it's what sets us apart."

Endeavors is made up of seasoned researchers, some of which are gifted mediums/psychics, and rookie or newer researchers. Together, at different learning levels, the two groups are really learning together; this also follows along the newer researchers and shows the fustrations and learning processes that new investigators go through. Let it be known that the cameras are as spectators. We don't have scripts or get paid to act. We do it in a very specific way; let the researchers do what they are there to do and if the paranormal activity presents itself as well, then let it do what it wants to do. The main reason for documenting our endeavors is to educate. We are showing how the research can be done in a different way, using unique methods.

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